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Latest Episodes:

Dozens missing in Deadly Indian Floods
Global News Podcast
Severe flooding in the Indian state of Kerala leaves more than twenty six people dead and dozens missing; An American Ch... Listen

The prize-winning economics of migration and the minimum wage
More or Less: Behind the Stats
Do immigrants drive down wages, do minimum wage increases reduce job opportunities, and do people who did well in school... Listen

Deborah Meaden, businesswoman
Desert Island Discs
Deborah Meaden is a businesswoman and entrepreneur. She?s been one of the investment ?Dragons? in the BBC TV series s... Listen

Sudan protestors demand military coup as crisis deepens
Global News Podcast
The protests in Khartoum come as tensions rise between civilian and military rulers. Also: the French president asks Alg... Listen

British anti-terror police investigate fatal stabbing of MP Sir David Amess
Global News Podcast
Police say a 25 year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after the attack in Leigh-on-Sea. Also: dozens kil... Listen

Sir Michael Caine, Halloween Kills, Venom, Ron?s Gone Wrong, The Last Duel and The Velvet Underground
Kermode and Mayo's Film Review
Sir Michael Caine talks about his new movie Best Sellers, about a cranky, retired author who reluctantly embarks on a fi... Listen

News Quiz 15th October 2021
Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4
Catherine Bohart, Michael Deacon, Chris McCausland and Eshaan Akbar join host Andy Zaltzman to look back over the week's... Listen

New BBC Studios Boss At Last & Where Are Channel 4's Subtitles?
The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

Thirteen months after the search began, BBC Studios finds their new boss is the same as the old one. Why has the appo... Listen

Afghanistan: Dozens killed in suicide bombings at Kandahar mosque
Global News Podcast
Several blasts at Shi'a mosque where worshippers were attending Friday prayers. Eyewitnesses said three attackers deton... Listen

There have been calls for calm following deadly clashes in Beirut
Global News Podcast
The UN, the US and France have all urged a de-escalation of the tensions in Lebanon. Also: US Congress is pursuing crimi... Listen

Beirut: Several deaths as gunfire erupts during protests in city centre
Global News Podcast
Shooting occurred during a march against the judge investigating last year's huge blast in city's harbour. It is believe... Listen

Is Britain paying the price for its green energy push?
The Inquiry
Energy prices are spiking in the UK, as gas prices soar and wind turbines stop spinning. The UK's shift to green energy ... Listen

Putin denies weaponising energy amid Europe crisis
Global News Podcast
The Russian president says his country is not to blame for high gas prices elsewhere in Europe, a number of people have ... Listen

EU outlines plans for surging energy prices
Global News Podcast
Reduced taxes and subsidies could cushion the impact. The Energy Commissioner said the EU would also explore the possibi... Listen

143. Hedge Rider
The Allusionist
Today it's the etymologies you requested! And a few you didn't! We've got witches, wizards, warlocks; conjurers and clov... Listen

UN Court rules in long running Border Dispute
Global News Podcast
International court rules in favour of Somalia in sea border dispute with Kenya; Rich nations discuss how to help Afghan... Listen

Macron aims to make France a global leader in new technologies
Global News Podcast
French President announces thirty-five-billion dollar programme to overhaul economy. He hopes investment will create th... Listen

Iraq election: Moqtada al-Sadr hails apparent victory
Global News Podcast
The Shia cleric promises to form a nationalist government free from foreign interference. Also: the Italian authorities ... Listen

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